Cynar: From seed to cup

  The Artichokes of Cynar are grown and cultivated in the rich soil of Lam Dong province. Only the best seedlings from experienced farmers was selected to be grown on the field. The teams of manufacturer oversee the growing of the  Artichoke from seed, and then choose the best seedlings to grown in the next seasons.

   The entire growinge and harvesting processes are under GMP-WHO standards. The Artichokes are grown and picked in line with the Guideline of Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP), ensuring sustainable practices to the local environment. 

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Feeling the “right” plants.

Artichoke leaves are harvested from October to March next year. The highest yields are from fields slated for autumn, winter and spring production.  After harvesting, Artichoke fresh leaves are transfered to the factory and handled within 24h (24h process) to retain all active ingredients in Artichoke. 

Both fresh and minimally processed artichokes may undergo negative qualitative changes by microbial growth and physiological activity, which will lead to the  degradation of some biocompounds, along with the polyphenols.

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No chemicals, no chlorine, simply water!

 Hence, we use the latest Japanese washing technology with ozonized water to cleanse the herbal materials throughly and to prevent the post-harvest quality loss of Artichoke. 

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Cleansed and oven-ready

 The artichoke are roasted at 350 degrees Celsius to breakdown all the enzymes, preventing the loss of biocompounds. The dried leaves would then be rolled to release all the pristine juices onto the surface of the leaves, ready to be packed and blend into each sip! Our people ensure the product quality meets the strictest control requirements following ISO 22000:2005 standards.