We, K.P. PHARMA (THAILAND) Co., Ltd., is a group of pharmacists and friend who would like to create our own business the way we are. We selected the products that good for ourselves, our families, and our friends. As we have working background in healthcare environment, the most we concern in our products are safety and benefits to our consumers. 

Artichoke Herbal Tea is our proud product that are carefully selected for our Thai consumers. It happened because once I visited Dalat in Vietnam. At that time, one of my friend asked me to buy back artichoke tea for him. That is the first time I learned about this special tea. Some years later, when I had a dream to build my own company. The product I could think about was artichoke tea from Dalat. With great help from our friend in Vietnam, today our dream comes true. With our great wishes to serve you with what we believe…Please enjoy.

“Make the Best Moment of the Day with a Cup of Cynar Artichoke Herbal Tea!”